Helmer 8” WIFI Stereo Audio Amplifier, Multi-room Music Player X8

Model No.:X8

Color: Grey&Gold

-It’s integrated audio amplifier with 8” touch screen tablet as control panel.
-It can connect with up to 8 speakers for 2 zone control. And for each zone, you can play different audio source or you can synchronize 2 zones to play same music.
-You can install preferred apps like youtube, Spotify, etc downloaded from Play Store. With HDMI output, you can play movie on amplifier and watch on TV.
-With opt-in connector, you can have TV sound playing through ceiling speakers.
-The amplifier has multi-audio source for microUSB, microSD card, audio input from other amplifier and also it’s Bluetooth-compatible.
-If you have 2 or more amplifiers in house different rooms, you can control them in system.


Stereo Amplifier Module (4 x 30W) connect up to 8 speakers

2 Zone music player, can play different music for 2 zones or synchronize 2 zones to play same music.

Android System 7.1

Built-in WI-FI module

RJ45 socket for internet connection

Bluetooth-compatible for wireless audio input of smartphones, pad etc

1 x HDMI Output

1 x Optical Input

1 x Wired Audio Input (on rear PCB)

Micro USB & MicroSD card player (at bottom of unit)

1x Wired Audio Output (on rear PCB)

Photo album

Music Player

Video Player

Time Display

Set time to play/stop music

Screw terminations on the rear of the unit for loudspeakers, power and wired line input

Includes in-line power supply

Software and firmware update

Technical Specifications Package Content

Technical Specifications

8"IPS Touch Screen (1280*800)

Power Supply:  AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power Output (max): 4 x 30W @ 4Ω

Output Impedance: 8Ω

CPU: Cortex A17 quad core, 1.8G

RAM: 2G, ROM: 16G

Extended Memory card up to 32G

WIFI Transmit Distance: 30m

Product Size: 200 x 142 x 48mm

           7.87” x 5.59” x 1.89”

1 x amplifier

1 x mounting frame

4 x screws for mounting

1 x back box for in wall

1 x Micro USB to USB connecto

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